August 26—The Boys of Summer first hit the TV

On August 26, 1939, the first Major League Baseball game was televised. It’s crazy to think of a time when America’s favourite pastime wasn’t on TV, as 71 years later baseball has a near monopoly on North American sports during the Summer time. With games now in high definition and drawing millions of viewers, Major League Baseball and Television have both come a long way.

In 1980, baseball enjoyed its greatest television success as 42.3 million viewers tuned into the World Series to watch the Philadelphia Phillies win their first ever championship. Baseball has never been able to reach that plateau again however, as the 2008 World Series was the least watched Championship Series in baseball history, drawing just over 13.6 million viewers.

August 25th, 2010 - Rachel Bilson Turns 29!

Today is the 29th birthday of Rachel Bilson. 

To any anybody who went to high school or University from 2003-2007, you will be quick to point out that Bilson is most well known to the world as Summer Roberts, from the smash TV show “The OC”.

While Summer Roberts became a staple on the show, the character was only intended to be used for a few episodes during the first season. After seeing how popular the character was, the writers of The OC quickly opted to make her one of the main characters. Sure enough as fate would have it, Rachel Bilson would go on to win numerous Teen Choice Awards for her role as Summer Roberts and helped The O.C. attain cult status during the mid part of the decade.

August 24, 2010: Alaska—size matters

On this day 98 years ago, Canada suffered one of the biggest loses in the Country’s history. How big you ask? Try 663,268 sq miles.

Yes, on August 24, 1912, the state of Alaska became an official American territory and would be out of Canada’s possession forever. While many associate Alaska with cruises and cold weather, one of Alaska’s most intriguing features is that it’s the biggest State in terms of total area in the entire U.S.A.! So while the United States may have “The Big Apple” and “The Big Easy”, nothing is bigger than the “Land of the Mountain Sun”—the country’s biggest import.

August 23, 2010

It's August 23rd and you know what that means...yes that's right, it's the Ukrainian National Flag day!

If you include the National, Military, Presidential, Ukrainian Oblasts, City, and Historical flags, Ukraine has a grand total of 44 flags in its history! To put this into perspective, if you take Canada's National Flag and add every single Provincial flag, we are still 30 flags short of Ukraine's benchmark! So while we could have honoured the birthday of Kobe Bryant or River Phoenix, we chose to honour the country of Ukraine for it's unwavering and excessive patrio

August 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Bill Clinton!

Yes, today is the 64th Birthday for former President Bill Clinton. Clinton was the first "baby boomer" President in the history of the United States and and held the position of America's top dog for two terms.

August 18th, 1886

On this day 142 years ago, French astronomer Pierre Jules César Janssen discovered helium. Aside from having the most complex Wikipedia page on the internet, helium is most commonly used in everyday life for balloons. Not only can they make your balloon fly all the way up to the sky, but helium can also make you sound like Vin Diesel. Check it out!

August 16th, 2010

Today we celebrate the 52nd birthday of the one and only Madonna! So in honour of this auspicious day, we ask you to "get into the groove" and "open up your heart" for this "material girl" as we "celebrate" the woman who may very well look better than any other 52 year old woman on the planet.

The world has been "hung up" on her "music" since the early 1980's, as she has been a "ray of light" into the lives of music lovers around the world.

So Madonna, "take a bow" as the world goes "crazy for you" on your 52nd birthday!

August 6, 2010

1926 - Harry Houdini, a Hungarian-American magician and escapologist first performs his greatest trick; he escapes from a tightly sealed tank after 1 hour and 31 minutes underwater.

1991 - Tim Berners-Lee publicizes his idea for the concept of WWW which stands for World Wide Web
and it becomes available as a public service on the Internet.

1996 - It is announced that the ALH 84001 meteorite contains evidence of primitive life-forms in which NASA claims originates from Mars.

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