Sept 27 - The Tonight Show First Aired

On this day, 56 years ago, the first ever broadcast of "The Tonight Show" was aired on NBC. The show was orginally hosted by Steve Allen from 1954-1957. The show's popularity increased dramatically when legendary host, Jimmy Carson, got behind the desk. Carson was the longest serving host to date, as he hosted the Tonight Show for 30 seasons.

The Tonight show has done over 10,500 episodes and has featured guests from all walks of life including athletes, celebrities, and politicians. In 2009, the Tonight Show became the first late night talk show in history to have the current President of the United States as a guest, when Barack Obama agreed to come on the show.

The current host, Jay Leno, reclaimed his job in controversial fashion from Conan O'Brien after a year long hiatus. The move was met with intense criticism and scrutiny from the public.


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