October 15 - I Love Lucy Premieres on CBS!

On this day, 59 years ago, one of television's all time greatest shows premiered on CBS. "I Love Lucy", a sitcom in the 1950's staring actress Lucille Ball, is widely regarded as one of the best TV shows to ever hit the airwaves. The show was the highest rated show in four of its six seasons, and was the first show in history to end the series while still being the number 1 show in America (Seinfeld and The Andy Griffith Show would later accomplish the same feat). The show won 5 Emmy awards and received several other nominations.

When the show ended after the sixth season, lead actress Lucille Ball and actor Desi Arnaz created the "Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour", which featured 13 episodes from 1957-1960. The "Luci-Desi Comedy Hour" was released on DVD as "I Love Lucy: Seasons 7-9".

In 2002, TV Guide ranked "I Love Lucy" as the 2nd greatest TV show of all time, behind Seinfeld.


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