November 16 - The Spice Girls make their mark

November 16 will always hold special significance for The Spice Girls. On this day in 1996, the Spice Girls hit the top of the UK charts with their debut album "Spice". To make this day even more special, the English Pop Group followed up their debut album by hitting the top of the charts again on November 16, 1997 with their second album "Spiceworld". Was this planned or was it just a weird coincidence? Whatever it is, November 16 will always be a special day for the girls from London.

The Spice Girls' debut album "Spice", featured their iconic hit "Wannabe". This single helped push the album to the top of the charts in 15 different countries. The followup album "Spiceworld", featured the hit singles "Stop" and "Spice up your life". This album was just as successful, hitting the peak position in 14 different countries. The albums have combined to sell 43 million copies across the globe.


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