November 19 - "Milli Vanilli" get stripped of their Grammy Award

It appears life was too good to be true for pop duo Milli Vanilli in 1990.

The group's debut album "All or Nothing" was a huge international success and produced several #1 hits including "Blame it on the rain", "Baby don't forget my number", and "Girl I'm gonna miss you". This success helped Milli Vanilli earn a 1990 Grammy Award for "Best New Artist".

However, their success would soon turn to international infamy as their Grammy would be revoked after it became apparent that the lead vocals on the album were not their actual voices. While this was an unfortunate time for the pop duo, they were able to keep their American Music Awards as the organizers believed the awards were given to them by the music consumers.

The band would go on to change their name to "The Real Milli Vanilli" for their next album. Since their debut album the group has gone on to produce 5 more albums under a variety of names, including a Greatest Hits album in 2006.


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