November 21 - Happy Birthday Troy Aikman!

Happy 44th birthday to former NFL Quarterback Troy Aikman! Aikman played his entire career with the Dallas Cowboys where he won 3 Superbowl Titles in the mid 90's. Aikman was a 6 time pro bowl selection and won the MVP award at Superbowl XXVII where he threw for 4 touchdown passes.

He is widely regarded as the best Quarterback to play during the 1990s, and along with teammates Emmit Smith and Michael Irvin, formed a 3 headed monster that made the Dallas Cowboys offense one of the most feared in the entire league. In 2006, Aikman was inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Aikman's career was cut short after 11 seasons due to concussion problems. He is arguably the best Quarterback in Cowboys history and accumulated 94 wins over his career. He now works as a colour commentator for the NFL on Fox, where he will be calling the Superbowl game this year along with Joe Buck .


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