November 27 - Gordie Howe makes hockey history

They don't call him "Mr. Hockey" for nothing.

November 27 will always be a special day for the former Detroit Red Wings legend. On this day in 1960, Gordie Howe became the 1st player in NHL history to record 1,000 points. Howe accomplished the feat in his 938th game as a member of the Detroit Red Wings.

To make November 27 even more special for Mr. Hockey, on the same day just one year later in 1961 Howe would become the first NHL player to play in 1,000 career games. Like his 1,000th career point, Howe accomplished the feat as a Detroit Red Wing. Howe holds the NHL record for most games played as he's played in an astonishing 1,767 career games. To put that into perspective, Wayne Gretzky played in 280 less games during his career.

Gordie Howe would end his career with 1,850 career points which is the second highest total of all time (Wayne Gretzky). He currently holds 14 NHL records.


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