November 30 - Ken Jennings' Jeopardy Streak Comes to an End

On this day in 2004, arguably the greatest run in Television Game Show history came to an abrupt end. Ken Jennings, the man who had mastered the game of Jeopardy, lost his first game on November 30, 2004 which snapped his record shattering 74 game winning streak. Jennings was defeated by challenger Nancy Zerg, after he uncharacteristically answered both his "Daily Doubles" wrong. The wrong answers caused him to lose a combined $10,200, which forced him to play from behind in "Final Jeopardy!"

Jennings ultimate downfall in the game was his inability to get the Final Jeopardy! question correct. The answer was, ""Most of this firm's 70,000 seasonal white collar employees work only four months a year". Zerg responded correctly with "What is H&R Block", while Jennings was incorrect with his response of "What is FedEx". Jennings' final total from his 75 show run totaled an astonishing $2,522,700.

Zerg would finish in 3rd place in the next show and unfortunately had her winning streak halted at just one victory.


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