November 6 - Aerosmith plays their first ever gig

On this day 40 years ago, music history was made. Rock legends Aerosmith performed their first ever gig when they played at Nipmuc Regional High School in Mendon, Massachusetts. Since then, Aerosmith has come a long way, as they are widely regarded as one of the best Rock n Roll groups in music history.

The boys from Boston are the highest selling American rock band of all time, with an astounding 150 million record sales worldwide. The band has had several #1 singles including "I don't wanna miss a thing", "Cryin'", and "Love in an Elevator". In total, the band has released 67 singles.

The band's most successful album was their 1993 release "Get a Grip". The album peaked at #1 and went 7x Platinum in the United States. The album include the hit singles "Eat the Rich", "Crazy", and "Livin on the Edge".


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