December 23 - Happy Birthday Eddie Vedder!

Happy birthday Eddie Vedder! The Pearl Jam front man turns 47 years young today as his legend grows with each passing year. After beginning his music career with Temple of the Dog, Vedder joined Pearl Jam upon their formation in 1990. With Pearl Jam, Vedder would become one of most recognizable front men in all of rock music, even finding himself on the front page of a 1993 issue of Time Magazine.

Vedder has written several iconic songs, including "Alive", "Evenflow", and "Jeremy". Jeremy was ranked the 11th best song of the 1990's by VH1, and was responsible for 4 MTV Video awards that Pearl Jam took home in 1993.

Vedder has worked with several mainstream artists in his career including "R.E.M.", "Bad Religion", "Neil Young", "The Ramones", and "The Who" just to name a few. Vedder was also featured on the soundtrack for "Eat Pray Love".


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