December 29 - Elvis Presley Makes Billboard History

On this day in 1956, Elvis Presley accomplished one of the greatest feats in music history. On December 29, 1956 the King had a remarkable 10 songs on the Billboard Top 100 Chart. This feat has not been accomplished since, and given the way musicians nowadays spread out the release of their singles, this is a feat that may never be accomplished ever again.

Songs such as "Hound Dog", "Love me Tender", and "Heartbreak Hotel" were among the Elvis hits that swarmed the Billboard charts at the end of 1956. What makes this feat even more incredible is that every single Elvis released between 1956-1958 reached #1 on the charts in the United States, thus monopolizing the top of the Billboard charts for the better part of two years.

Including both the United States and UK, Elvis has had 36 #1 hits in total.


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