December 7 - "Instant Replay" is used for the first time

There are certain things in life we take for granted. Spell check, Don Draper's hair, and instant replay are all things we never really think about, but impact our lives in so many ways (any fans of "Mad Men" will agree!). So this is why our "On This Day" focuses on the first time instant replay was used during a live sports telecast.

December 7, 1963 in a college football game between Army and Navy, instant replay was used for the very first time. It's hard to imagine a sports game without the use of instant replay, as this feature has become a huge part of live sports telecasts and can impact the game greatly. Instant replay is used to overturn calls, award or takeaway scores, and can also be used to drum up great controversy (see video clip below).

Today instant replay is used not just in sports, but in all facets of television. Shows such as Wipeout, Amazing Race, and America's Got Talent all use and depend on instant replay. TV advancements such as TiVo and PVR were all created due to the popularity of replay.


Dave Pearce said...

Instant replay was used in 1955 during a telecast of Hockey Night in Canada on CBC.
A kinescope of the action was shot off the monitor, developed and screened later in the broadcast. It was clumsy and slow and ineffecient, but it was definitely first.

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