January 10 - Time Inc. and Warner Communications Complete $14 Billion Merger

If you believe that bigger is better, than nothing in the early 1990's was bigger than the merger between Time Inc. and Warner Communications. The $14 Billion merger made Time Warner, at the time, the World's largest entertainment company. Among its subsidiaries are HBO, New Line Cinema, TBS, Warner Bros. The CW Network, and much much more.

The list of Time Warner's former assets reads just as impressive as their current ones. AOL, Warner Music Group, World Championship Wrestling (WCW), and Six Flags Theme Parks, are just some of the assets which were once a part of the Time Warner Empire.

There are several competing threats to the TW Empire. Companies such as CBS, Viacom, NBC Universal, and Disney are all seen as direction competition for Time Warner. Piracy has also hurt the media conglomerate as their feature films and TV programs do not bring in the same advertisements they once did.

Time Warner is currently the second largest entertainment company in the world behind Disney and is the World's largest media conglomerate.


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