January 11 - Amelia Earhart Makes History

On this day in 1935, Amelia Earhart had done something nobody on the planet, man or woman, had ever done before. She became the first person to fly from Honolulu, Hawaii to Oakland, California, which made her the first person to fly solo across the Pacific Ocean. While many people were anxious and nervous about the solo flight, Earhart was anything but as she relaxed and listened to the broadcast of the "Metropolitan Opera from New York" during the last few hours of the flight.

Earhart was widely recognized as a worldwide celebrity during her lifetime. She is regarded as a feminist icon and there have been many books, articles, and stories about her which serve as inspirational and motivational tales for women all over the world. She holds 15 aviation records and currently has memorials, airports, and scholarships named after her all across the globe. Earhart's life ended in complete mystery during the last 1930's as she famously vanished off the face of the planet and nobody was able to find her. There are numerous theories out there as to what may have happened, but her mysterious disappearance has added a great deal of mystique to her legacy.

Earhart has become a major part of popular culture since her mysterious disappearance in 1939. She has been featured in several movies including "A Night of the Museum", "The Aviator", and the biopic "Amelia" which starred Hilary Swank as Earhart.


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