January 19 - Madonna wins Best Actress at the Golden Globes

In 1996, Madonna showed the World how talented she truly was. After years of #1 records and chart topping singles to go along with countless Grammy Awards, Madonna tried her hand in the acting game as she took on the role of Eva Peron in the 1996 movie "Evita". Madonna's performance was nothing short of spectacular and she earned top honors at the Golden Globe Awards as she took home the award for Best Actress. Madonna beat several award winning actors to claim the Best Actress honors including Barbara Streisand (The Mirror Has Two Faces) and Gleen Close (101 Dalmations).

Madonna had desired to play the role of Peron and even wrote a letter to the director outlining why she would be perfect for the role. The movie and Madonna were a huge success, and the soundtrack (which was done by Madonna) received an Academy Award in 1997. The feature single "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" became a worldwide hit and went to #1 in several countries.

As of 2011, Madonna has been featured in over 20 films throughout her career.


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