January 6 - Happy Birthday Mr. Bean!

Happy birthday to Rowan Atkinson! The man who attained worldwide fame for his role as Mr. Bean turns 56 years old today. Atkinson is a British actor, writer, and comedian and is widely regarded as one of the funniest British actors of all time.

As mentioned earlier, Atkinson is best known for his work as the iconic character, Mr. Bean. Mr. Bean ran for 5 years and has spawned off two feature films, an animated series, multiple books, and a 2007 video game release. The character himself is described as a "child in a grown mans body". Much of Mr. Bean's comedy comes from creating an adventure out of the most simple and everyday tasks. His Teddy Bear and his car (British Leyland Mini) became two iconic recurring props throughout the course of the show.

The 1992 episode, "Trouble with Mr. Bean" was the most watched Mr. Bean show of all time as over 18 million viewers tuned in. In 2013, "Mr. Bean Returns!", the third feature film of the Mr. Bean series is due out in theaters.


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