December 29 - Elvis Presley Makes Billboard History

On this day in 1956, Elvis Presley accomplished one of the greatest feats in music history. On December 29, 1956 the King had a remarkable 10 songs on the Billboard Top 100 Chart. This feat has not been accomplished since, and given the way musicians nowadays spread out the release of their singles, this is a feat that may never be accomplished ever again.

Songs such as "Hound Dog", "Love me Tender", and "Heartbreak Hotel" were among the Elvis hits that swarmed the Billboard charts at the end of 1956. What makes this feat even more incredible is that every single Elvis released between 1956-1958 reached #1 on the charts in the United States, thus monopolizing the top of the Billboard charts for the better part of two years.

Including both the United States and UK, Elvis has had 36 #1 hits in total.

December 26 - The Personal Computer wins Time's "Man of the Year"

For the first time in the history of Time Magazine's "Man of the Year Award", a non human was the honorary recipient. The Personal Computer was the 1982 winner of "Man of the Year", and became one of the most controversial and talked about winners in the awards history. Time Magazine gives the award to "a person, couple, group, idea, place, or machine that "for better or for worse, ...has done the most to influence the events of the year."
To this day, the Personal Computer is the only machine to have won the award. "The Endangered Earth" won the award in 1988 and in 2006 the award received its fair share of backlash when "You", a representation of the content creators of the world wide web, won the award. So if you're looking for a pick me up, take solace in the fact that you (along with billions of other people) were named Time Magazine's 2006 "Man of the Year"!

Lebron James, Mark Zuckerberg, and the Chilean Miners are among the finalists for the 2010 award.

December 23 - Happy Birthday Eddie Vedder!

Happy birthday Eddie Vedder! The Pearl Jam front man turns 47 years young today as his legend grows with each passing year. After beginning his music career with Temple of the Dog, Vedder joined Pearl Jam upon their formation in 1990. With Pearl Jam, Vedder would become one of most recognizable front men in all of rock music, even finding himself on the front page of a 1993 issue of Time Magazine.

Vedder has written several iconic songs, including "Alive", "Evenflow", and "Jeremy". Jeremy was ranked the 11th best song of the 1990's by VH1, and was responsible for 4 MTV Video awards that Pearl Jam took home in 1993.

Vedder has worked with several mainstream artists in his career including "R.E.M.", "Bad Religion", "Neil Young", "The Ramones", and "The Who" just to name a few. Vedder was also featured on the soundtrack for "Eat Pray Love".

December 15 - The Leaning Tower of Pisa reopens

When Fat Joe told everyone to "Lean Back", I don't think he had this in mind. After 11 years of construction and nearly $27 million, Italy's "Leaning Tower of Pisa" reopened to the public and still had its famous lean in tact. The construction was needed as the tower had to be restored to a safer angle. When Pisa reopened to the public, the monument leaned at an angle of 3.99 degrees (it leaned at 5.5 degrees prior to the restoration).

Construction of the original tower began in 1173, and spanned 177 years. The tower began to sink in 1178 when the workers progressed to the third floor. The reason it sank was primarily due to a weak foundation of subsoil, which many believed was a flawed design from the beginning. The construction workers caught a break when progress was halted for nearly a century due to battles between the Republic of Pisa and neighboring provinces. The time off allowed for the underlying soil to settle, as the tower would have certainly toppled had they continued to work.

The highest point of the Tower stands at 186.02ft, and it's weight is estimated at 14,500 metric tons.

December 5 - Happy Birthday Walt Disney!

Happy 110th Birthday Walt Disney! The Walt Disney Corporation (co-founded with brother Roy Disney) is arguable the greatest success story in entertainment history. Even after Walt's death in 1966, the Walt Disney Company has continued to be one of the most powerful and influential organizations on the planet, with annual revenues totaling approx. $35 billion.

Walt Disney got his biggest break in 1937 when Disney Studios released "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". Disney ran out of money during production of the movie, and had to show a rough cut of the film to the Bank of America who then granted him with a loan to finish the movie. With all of his eggs seemingly in the Snow White basket, Disney hit a home run as the film was a huge hit and led Disney Studios into their "Golden Age of Animation".

During the 1950's, Disney took his empire beyond the big screen with Disneyland opening its doors in 1955. As we all know, Disneyland would go on to become a huge success and a top travel destination for people from all over the world.

After the death of Walt Disney, the Disney company has maintained it’s dominant status in the animation world, continueing to produce several iconic films including "Beauty and the Beast", "Lion King", "Aladdin", and the computer animated "Toy Story".

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