August 27—The Dog Whisperer turns 44!

Cesar Millan has been a fixture on television for over nine years, as his TV show “The Dog Whisperer” is seen worldwide on National Geographic TV in over 80 different countries. Millan’s specialty on the show is working with over aggressive dogs as he puts them through “dog rehabilitation”. While he has many fans all over the world, it is rather interesting to note that both Millan and his TV show have drawn the ire of several critics from around the world.

Many criticize Millan for physically confronting aggressive dogs and using choke chains for fearful dogs. This criticism was published by the American Humane Association, which asked National Geographic to stop airing the Dog Whisperer program.

So perhaps for Millan’s 44th birthday he should be thankful that his show is still on the air, and hope that critics stop barking up the wrong tree.

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